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A collaborative zine on the theme of deception. Featuring international contributors Jan Buchczik, Antonio Carrau, Ed Cheverton, Adrian Forrow, Clay Hickson, Nolan Pelletier, Tatjana Prenzel, Errol F. Richardson, Cristóbal Schmal and Studio Hik. 6x9”, 24 pages, 2C Risograph, 2020. Edition of 150.

Scanned Collections Of Shapes Used In Other Compositions For Stuff by Tomtyve
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The zine presents a collection of shapes that have been used in Tomtyve’s commissioned work. The compositions come directly from the scanner bed. 5x8”, 16 pages, 1C Risograph, 2019. Edition of 50.

Kairos by Errol F. Richardson
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Not quite a comic, not quite a poem, Kairos deals with personal and civilizational crisis, anxiety, affirmation of Being and  transformation. 8x10.5”, 20 pages, 1C Risograph, 2019. Edition of 50.

Other Way
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Visual interpretations of poems by an international list of contributors. Work by Job Boot, Jan Buchczik, Matt Boyd & Clea Forkert, Antonio Carrau, Espen Friberg, Chris Harnan, Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch, María Medem, Shota Nakamura, Alicia Nauta, Errol F. Richardson, Arina Shabanova and Alexander Shoukas. 6x9”, 28 pages, 2C Risograph, 2019. Edition of 200.

Mind’s Eye by Errol F. Richardson
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A collection of trickle of consciousness doodles. 6.8x10”, 16 pages, 3C Risograph, 2019. Edition of 100.

Maya by Errol F. Richardson 
A satirical look at humans and their beloved devices. 5x7”, 16 pages, 1C Risograph, 2018. Edition of 50. 

Conversation Starters
by Clea Forkert and Matthew Boyd
A collection of phrases found on promotional pins commonly given away with the purchase of a pack of cigarettes at the turn of the 20th century. Set in Lining Gothic No. 544, digitized specifically for this project. 4.75x6”, 78 pages, 1C Risograph, thermographed cover. Edition of 100.

Enclosed Expanse
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A collaborative zine based on the theme of polarities and continuums. Featuring work by Job Boot, Matthew Feyld, Espen Friberg, Chris Harnan, Aron Hill, María Medem, Andreas Meinich, Tomomi Mizukoshi, Alicia Nauta, Tomas Nilsson, Marcus Oakley, E. F. Richardson and Damien Tran. 6x9”, 32 pages, 2C Risograph, 2018. Edition of 200.

Negative Entropy by Errol F. Richardson
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A psychedelic origin myth dealing with the rise of life from matter, evolution, self-knowledge, enlightenment and the projection of the self across time through creative acts. 6x9”, 20 pages, 2C Risograph, 2017. Edition of 150.

On Usury
A collection of excerpts on the subject of usury. Each quotation is paired with a coin of shared temporal and geographic origin. 4.75x7.75”, 30 pages, 1C Risograph, 2017. Edition of 100.

Codex Hammurabi
A reproduction of the ancient Babylonian code of law. Dated to 1754 BC, it is one of the oldest-known texts of significant length. 4x7.25”, 40 pages, 1C Risograph, 2017. Edition of 50.